Chinese coast Language School

Chinese International School offers all year round Chinese courses for international students and local expats.

Chinese International School is located in the heart of the city near the Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street. Here you can find  restaurants, shops and cafes.  Three subway lines provide easy access to the School.

The School  is housed in comfortable one-store building with 20 bright and spacious air-conditioned  and heatered classrooms, student lounge, café corner, garden and parking facilities. The School is equipped with  DVD & TV,  free Internet access and computers with internet.

The School organises a range of adult courses as lond as summer Junior camps.

Our School provides Chinese Language and Culture Summer Programs for students 13 to 19 years of age. Well over 400 students from 30 plus countries have joined our School for summer camps since 2004 creating a uniquely diverse environment for developing language and interpersonal skills. 
Our dedicated and experienced teachers, monitors and coordinators work together with all participants to develop a unique, diverse and safe program for improving language, culture and social skills.
Mandarin lessons in the morning and excursions or workshops in the afternoon help you to experience traditional and modern China firsthand and learn Mandarin through a full immersion environment.

Shanghai (China)