International House Riviera Maya

Playa del Carmen is a marvellous place to spend some time. It has all the advantages of a Mexican Caribbean resort - a dazzling, white-sand beach, turquoise sea, a huge range of bars, restaurants and places to stay - and yet it has managed to retain a relaxed, lowrise village atmosphere which has nothing in common with the large-scale tourist resorts elsewhere on the coast. There is plenty to do and see in Playa and the town is growing fast. But the atmosphere is anything other than hectic and it is the gentle surf that seems to dominate the pace of life.

IH Riviera Maya
IH Riviera Maya was established in 2003 as a joint venture between IH Mexico City and IH Barcelona (Spain) and benefits from the 40 years experience in language teaching and language teacher training that these two schools provide. If you're looking for a school where you can study Spanish effectively in a safe, relaxing and beautiful environment, this is the school for you.seems to dominate the pace of life.

The school
IH Riviera Maya is located in the very centre of Playa del Carmen, just two blocks from the beach and   with dozens of bars, restaurants and shops nearby.
The front of the school, which houses the reception and a number of student apartments, is a beautiful, colonial style house with a domed roof and terrace and a very good French restaurant on the ground floor.
The main school building which was purpose built in 2003, contains the staff room and offices and 10 spacious classrooms, all with air-conditioning and natural light.
There is also an Internet room in the school which students are invited to use at any time. Those students who have laptops or smartphones with a wireless card can logon to the Internet anywhere on the premises.
Last but not least, the school also has a beautiful garden which is full of exotic trees and plants. There is also a small bar area in the garden, so students can relax and socialize before or after class, browse the Internet from their laptop, or simply sit back, have something to drink and watch the humming birds come down to feed.

Our competitive advantage
Our teachers are all university graduates with extensive teaching experience. They have also been specifically trained to teach Spanish as a foreign language, which makes them highly effective when it comes to maximising learning.
Our teaching staff can count on academic support and on-going training under the supervision of the director of studies and with the cooperation of our teacher training department. The optimal quality of teaching that IH offers is constantly reinforced through teachers' meetings, classroom observations and teachers' workshops.


Please remember that the high season in Playa del Carmen is from 16 December until immediately after the Easter holiday period, and from the beginning of July until the end of August. We will confirm availability when we receive your application.

IH Riviera Maya will be closed for holidays in 2014 on:
January 1: New Year’s Day
February 7: Constitution Day
March 21: Anniversary of Benito Juбrez’s birth
April 17: Easter Thursday
April 18: Good Friday
May 2: Labour Day
September 19: Independence Day
November 21: Revolution Day
December 25: Christmas Day

Please note that classes lost on the holidays listed above cannot be made up at other times. Please also note that these holidays do not always coincide with official public holidays. In some cases we have moved the holiday to a Friday to cause less disruption to classes.

Playa del Carmen (Mexico)