Humboldt-Institut: Meersburg

Gorgeous school buildings
Our courses are held in the baroque castle as well as in the “Jugendmusikschule” music school in the town of Meersburg. The gorgeous historic buildings where we teach German to our international students are located in the very center of the town and feature bright, modern classrooms.

Amidst historic downtown
The music school is situated right next to the baroque castle, in which dinner is served for our guests. The convenient location of the school in the middle of the historic downtown area of Meersburg makes it very attractive to our students, as right after their classes they can enjoy the lively atmosphere of the pedestrian zone of this beautiful town.

Pictoresque town at Lake Constance
The picturesque little town of Meersburg with a population of about 5,600 people is located on the northern shores of Lake Constance. Surrounded by orchards and vineyards, it offers a marvelous view of the imposing peaks of the Swiss and Austrian Alps.

Meersburg (Germany)