Day             Morning            PM Activity                                                     Evening
Sunday                                 Arrivals                                                            Orientation/mixed sports/swim
Monday         Lessons            Oxford walking tour                                            Welcome / fancy dress disco
Tuesday        Lessons             Multi-sports choice/art or pottery workshop          Games night / swimming
Wednesday   Lessons             Birmingham                                                      World sports night / Dance Zumba / swim
Thursday      Lessons             Multi-sports choice / talent show prep                   Who Wants to be an OSCARS Millionaire
Friday           Lessons             Banbury Cross/multi-sports                                 Mini-olympics/swimming
Saturday      Full day excursion London walking tour/London Eye                        Film night/swimming
Sunday        Full day excursion Windsor & Windsor Castle                                  Challenge / swimming
Monday        Lessons              Oxford punting                                                    Beach party disco
Tuesday        Lessons             Multi-sports choice / art or pottery workshop          Morris/country dancing
Wednesday   Lessons              Half day excursion Warwick & Warwick Castle        Project work / talent show
Thursday      Lessons              Multi-sports choice / performing arts workshop      Drama production / talent show
Friday           Lessons             Free time in Oxford                                             Highland games
Saturday       Full day excursion London/Tower of London/St Pauls                      Awards & last night party
Sunday         Departures