• Diverse Languages to Choose from

    We present to all our students a great opportunity to choose their most preferred city and country where they will look for their favorite courses via our website. Since students’ needs are always diverse, and in any case we do not have their precise option, we still present to them our “Custom Program Service” which we shall use to help them locate the exact course they want. We have simplified our website for easy accessibility by breaking it down to three simple classifications namely:

    1. Lessons learned per week

    2. Course Types

    3. Tuition Types

  • Which language courses to choose

    If you wish to learn English, Spanish, German, French, Italian then EDUVERSION is the right choice for you!

    First of all the person has to decide if he or she has the preference of a country or even a city and then look at the courses in that region on our website.  Keeping in mind that even if there is none available or those which are available are not exactly what he they want, they can use our “Custom Program Service” and tell us what they really looking for.  
    But then they can use three following classifiers in form of a search menu on our website to narrow down their search.  Bellow are explanations of each option.

  • Easy Way to Learn English, Spanish or French

    Successful global interaction can be effectively reached if many people could Learn English, Learn Spanish, Learn Germany, Learn French or Learn Italian which are among the major global spoken languages. To realize this; a lot of effort has been put in place by many learning institutions and companies.