The discount is always provided. The discount is guaranteed.



1. How to book a course with EDUVERSION?




When you find an appropriate course on our web site, please select the duration and starting date of your future course. Then please choose the type of accommodation, meal plan, and additional services. After that you will view the final school price.
We now launch a UNIQUE project of sharing the school commission with you, so you will pay less money if you book with us, than if you’d reserve with the school directly but at the same time, we will not force your will and you have an option to use our website only as a tool to help you choose.
However if you choose to book through us your final price will be indicated as “Your Choice” in the bottom of the section “Prices”.
The discount is ALWAYS provided  and  GUARANTEED.


When you are ready to book please fill in Payer Information, Student Information and Invoice Information. We need this to issue an invoice to you and most important to insure that the school gets all the necessary information about you or your child so that everything is as expected. Please don’t forget to read carefully our Terms and Conditions and to tick that you agree with them. It is very important to indicate your actual telephone number and your actual email address as all the further documents will be sent to the indicated email address, plus in highly unlikely event of emergency we or the school will have a 24 hour contact with you.


After we receive the Booking from the client (filled information of the Payer, Student and Invoice)  we issue a deposit invoice (the amount of the deposit depends on the school´s Terms & Conditions, but is never less than 250 EUR) or full-fees invoice along with Student Application Form sent by email the next business day after the Booking is received.


The Student Application Form should be completed in electronic form or in handwriting in clear capital letters and sent to us back by email when the deposit or full fees for the program are paid.


After the receipt of the filled Student Application Form and the deposit or full-fees, we start the process of final booking. We shall send you the Confirmation of Booking received from school usually in 1-5 business days after starting the process of booking.
In case if it appeared to be no availability for the chosen accommodation at the school, we shall offer another type of accommodation in the same school or shall try to offer another school which fulfills the student´s requirements.
In case if it appeared to be no availability for the chosen course, we shall offer another course in the same school or we’ll try to offer another school which fulfills the student´s requirements.
For more detailed information please check Eduversion’s Terms & Conditions.


If you require airport transfers, if you are a minor booking an adult course or junior camp you may be asked to send us additional forms, such as your flight details, parental consent forms, medical forms etc.
It is essential to provide these forms for a successful reservation. These forms will be sent to the initially indicated email address, so please check your email regularly.

STEP 7.    PROVIDE US WITH YOUR FLIGHT DETAILS (if booking transfers and accommodation with us)

Transfers are usually required as an obligatory service for minors under 16 y.o. who travel unaccompanied.

  • If you require a transfer, then you will have to select this service at the time of booking.
  • It is overwhelmingly important to provide us with your flight details as soon as possible to let the school organize the transfers properly. Please send us your flight details the sooner the better, but not later than 2 weeks before the arrival date. 
  • If you do not need transfers, but you reserve accommodation with us, the school may ask the approximate time of your arrival to accommodation so that your meeting by the host family or passing you the keys from your apartment/room could be arranged.


You will receive the confirmation of accommodation along with the course confirmation.
But the details / address of your accommodation (especially when you choose to stay with a host family) are usually sent after the booking confirmation, usually not later than 1 week before the arrival day. 


2. How to pay for the course?

The payment can be made by bank transfer only. Please note that the payer is responsible for all the bank charges. We feel that this would be the best option for you because credit card payment are normally charged 2.5% or more and this may decrease the value of your discount dramatically. 

3. Insurance

Many of the schools do not accept students who do not have medical or travel insurance and it is the client’s responsibility to purchase an adequate insurance plan for the trip. However some of the schools offer their own insurance (if such is offered it is stated in additional or included services on the web site).

4. If you have problems in navigation on our web site


There’s plenty of information at If you have any questions or problems in navigation on our web-site you can easily contact us by phone
+34 93 532 64 94 (our staff speak English and Spanish),
or by email

5. Custom Program Service

If there’s nothing suitable for you on our web site, then you can request a custom program filling the form on our home page. 
Our specialists will do their best to fulfill your special requirements and offer you the most appropriate course available, but note that in this case we do not share our commission and you will pay the full price requested by the school.

6. Visa

If you need a visa to go abroad we’ll be happy to consult you and provide you with the list of necessary documents. This is an additional service with cost EUR 100.
In any case we’ll provide you with the booking confirmation from the school sent by email in electronic form. 
If you need an original visa letter to be sent by school, it will cause additional charges of the cost of the Courier chosen by the school (the price depends on the delivery address and the courier service chosen) and our arrangement services (EUR 30). 
If you need a visa consultation and /or original visa letter, we’ll issue a new invoice and proceed with these services after the receipt of the payment.