This option is to stay with a London family that has been selected by our highly experienced partner agencies, and a warm welcome is guaranteed. Host family accommodation offers a great opportunity to learn about life in the UK and practice English at the same time. You will have use of the house and all essential facilities as a family member. Your host family may be able to wash your clothes for you and when they do this will normally be for a charge of £5 per load. You will also eat your meals together with the family, depending on your meal plan choice -options include Bed & Breakfast or Half Board (breakfast and evening meals).
If you're staying in host family accommodation, you will need to bear in mind that your host family's routine will be different to your normal routine, and you will need to adjust to it. Make sure you don't treat your host family like hotel staff - you will need to make your own bed, tidy the room, and help out around the house.

Arrival and departure days: Saturday/Saturday or Sunday/Sunday.