This is the most independent option. You will have your own room with a desk and all the amenities and you will share the communal facilities (living room, kitchen, bathrooms, washing machines...) with your flatmates.
Although the school spring-cleans the communal facilities every two weeks, you will still be expected to carry out your share of housework (cleaning, washing up, taking down the rubbish, etc...)
These apartments are usually small flats with basic, modest facilities.
Please note that with this housing option you will either live with other students from the school or with local residents of San Sebastian. The school cannot guarantee either option, but your preference will be considered when assigning your apartment. If you have a preference, please specify it in the registration form where it says: "Other information (diets, allergies, health, requests)".

Accommodation is valid from Sunday at 14:00 until Saturday at 11:00. The prices indicated are for this period. If you need to stay extra days, please let us know at the time of booking.

The accommodation includes sheets, but students are required to bring their own towels.

The location of the accommodation is within 5 to 30 minutes from the school, walking or by public transport.