All homestay providers are English-speaking and enjoy sharing their homes with our international students.

The city of Manchester is diverse and multicultural, and our homestay providers reflect this diversity.


Arrival and departure
•     Arrival: Saturday
•     Departure: Saturday

Host Family Locations
Homestays are located in different areas of the city.

Journey to school
Our homestays are typically 25 minutes to 45 minutes from school. Students use public transport or walk to school.


•    Students may be given a house key.
•    Smoking is not permitted in any of the homestays.
•    Wifi/ internet facilities must be requested upon booking
•    Special requirements must be specified when booking this type of accommodation.
•    Some homes may have pets. Should students be allergic or prefer not to live with a pet they should indicate this on their preferences when booking.
•    Bed linen is provided