Host family accommodation is available in Playa del Carmen throughout the year. Most families live within a 20 minute walk from the school. Very occasionally a family may be up to 15-20 minutes from the school by public transport.

The majority of our Mexican host families live in relatively new, one or two-storey houses, although some live in apartments. A typical house will have a living room/dining room, a kitchen and bathroom and 3 or 4 bedrooms. There is often a yard outside which people use as an extension of the house.

Note that very few families have air-conditioning, although most families will be able to provide their guest students with a fan.
The families will often have children or grandparents living with them so there is normally plenty of opportunity for conversation practice!

Be prepared for the fact that few families will speak another language, although those that work in tourism may have an elementary level of English, French or German.

All host families are carefully selected by our Accommodation Department and all agree to fulfil the following conditions:

    To provide students with single rooms (unless a couple both attending courses or individuals request to share), which are comfortably furnished, have adequate lighting and a desk or table where students can work.
    To change bed linen and towels weekly.
    To make a daily bath or shower available.
   To provide an adequate continental breakfast and -- for those students who are being accommodated on a half-board basis -- a substantial dinner at night.
    To provide students with a door key so that they can let themselves in and out.
    To treat students as family guests and generally behave in a friendly and hospitable manner.

Not included | Laundry and ironing service, detergent and use of telephone.