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Course #1076
Course NameIntensive English 30 lessons per week course
Course TypeGeneral courses
Lessons per week30 lpw ( Intensive )
Tuition TypeStandard group
Agefrom 15
CertificateCertificate on completion of the course
Included in the price
  • Study materials


30 lessons per week/25 hours per week
1 lesson = 50 minutes
15 students per class maximum 

This Intensive English Program is a comprehensive approach at studying English. You'll have advantage of three different types of classes:

- 18 Core classes per week. Core Class is an integrated skill class offered in 9 level of difficulty, it includes instruction in listening, speaking, reading and writing in a communicative style. Students also benefit from readers, Language Extension Days and the School's English Everywhere tools. (3 hours per day).

- 6 Academic Workshops per week. The School's lab-style workshop hours offear a range of academic options each week, including Pronunciation Clinics, Conversation Clubs, Homework Labs, Computer Labs and more. (1 hour per day).

- 6 Elective Classes per week, focused on specific skills or topics (Business English, American Culture, Slang, Public Speaking, English Through Film and many more. (1 hour per day).

All students of this course enjoy these exceptional features:

  • Nine levels of study from low beginner to high advanced.
  • Small class sizes of 15 or less, guaranteeing individual attention from your teacher.
  • Core Class emphasizing the four key language skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing.
  • Two Elective Classes devoted to a specific topic or skill, such as TOEFL, Slang, Business English, American Culture, Public Speaking, Grammar, Composition, and more.
  • Exclusive program with weekly Hot Sheets, involving your host family, activity guides and staff in your learning process. For each week of the curriculum, the School provides color-coded Hot Sheets with important words, structures and conversation starters to learn that week. You can keep the sheet with you during the week to remind yourself of the week’s lessons.
    Songs, movies and internet sites on the Hot Sheets give you ideas to take your English learning into new parts of your daily routine! Check out one of our suggested movies, or ask your homestay family some of our conversation starters.
  • Weekly English tests and individualized progress reports every four weeks.
  • Language Extension Day (LED) activities once per term, encouraging students to use English in new settings and contexts.
  • Readers to increase reading comprehension and understanding of American culture (for High Beginner and above).
  • Access to college computer facilities, libraries and labs.
  • Access to numerous free activities and specially priced excursions.
  • Certificate of Completion upon successful graduation from each level.
  • Articulation agreements with numerous colleges allowing admission without a TOEFL score based on completion of the designated level.
  • Personalized counseling and academic assistance

School & Location

FLS Boston Commons

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Accommodation & Meals

Host family. Single room.
Host family. Twin room
Residence. Dormitory Quad Room
Residence. International Guest House. Shared room.
Tuition only.
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