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Course #1224
Course NameGeneral English 15 Morning
Course TypeGeneral courses
Lessons per week15 lpw ( Standard )
Tuition TypeStandard group
Agefrom 17
CertificateCertificate on completion of the course


1 week+

15 General English lessons
Written and spoken test on first Monday to determine your English level.
1 lesson = 60 minutes
Maximum class size is 12
Levels: from elementary to advanced

Timetable is from Monday to Friday: General English 09.15 - 12.30

The objective of the General courses is to improve all your language skills, and give you the opportunity to practise these skills outside the classroom for work and in your daily life. The course also improves vocabulary and helps you to become more confident in English.

LEARNING STYLE The lessons here may be different from English lessons in your country. Your lessons will include a lot of oral work with your partner or in a small group. This is because our training and experience show us that an active, communicative learning style with pair and group work is effective. Students often study a lot of grammar in their own countries, but the important thing is that you can use it correctly when you speak and write, so lots of practice is very important.


School & Location

Shane Global London

The school is in Central London, next to Bond Street Station and ...
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Accommodation & Meals

Host family. Executive Host Family. Shared room. Available for 2 students coming together.
Host family. Executive Host Family. Single room
Host family. Executive. Single room with private bathroom.
Host family. Standard. Shared room. Shared room in host families is only available for 2 students coming together.
Host family. Standard. Single room
Residence. Beaumont Court Hall of Residence. Single room ensuite. Minimum booking is 4 weeks
Residence. Schafer House Summer Residence. Single room. Minimum stay is 2 weeks.   (6/22/2014 7:00 AM-9/15/2014 7:00 AM)
Residence. Vincent House. Single room with private bathroom. Minimum stay - 4 weeks.
Residence. Wood Green Hall. Single studio room.
Student Apartments. Rathbone Place. Single room. Minimum stay - 4 weeks.
Tuition only.
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