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Course #1231
Course NameGeneral English + Communication + IELTS Prepration
Course TypeExam Preparation
Lessons per week25 lpw ( Intensive )
Tuition TypeStandard group
Agefrom 17
CertificateCertificate on completion of the course
Entry Requirements
Required CertificateComment
Minimum level of English: intermediate


from 1 week
15 General English + 5 Communication Skills lessons + 5 IELTS Preparation
Written and spoken test on first Monday to determine your English level.
1 lessons = 60 minutes
Maximum class size is 14
of general English and communication skills classes: from elementary to advanced, levels of IELTS Preparation clases: from intermediate to advanced

Timetable is from Monday to Friday: General English 09.00 - 12.15
Extra focus on Communication Skills 12.30 - 13.30;
IELTS classes Monday and Tuesday 14.15 - 16.30 + Thursday 14.15 - 15.15

The objective of the General courses is to improve all your language skills, and give you the opportunity to practise these skills outside the classroom for work and in your daily life.

5 lessons per week of Exam Preparation: IELTS (International English Language Testing Systems) is the ideal test if you need to study or work where English is the language of communication. IELTS scores are recognised by universities and colleges, employers, immigration authorities and professional bodies.

Extra Communication Skills lessons: you will improve your pronunciation, fluency and vocabulary. Speaking in a second language can be challenging even if you have had years of grammar lessons. Being confident in a language means you can chat in any situation, give a presentation, tell a story, attend a job interview or just make new friends - in other words, use English effectively at work and socially.


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School & Location

Shane Global Hastings

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Accommodation & Meals

Host family. Standard. Shared room (2 students). Available only if 2 students are travelling together
Host family. Standard. Single room.
Residence. Eversfield Place. Shared room with private bathroom, available only for 2 students travelling together. Minimum booking is 2 weeks.
Residence. Eversfield Place. Shared room, available only for 2 students travelling together. Minimum booking is 2 weeks.
Residence. Eversfield Place. Single room with private bathroom. Minimum stay of 2 weeks.
Residence. Eversfield Place. Single room. Minimum stay of 2 weeks.
Residence. Robert Tressel Hall. Single room ensuite. Minimum booking is 2 weeks.   (6/29/2014 7:00 AM-9/1/2014 7:00 AM)
Residence. Robert Tressel Hall. Twin room ensuite. Available only for 2 students travelling together. Minimum booking is 2 weeks   (6/29/2014 7:00 AM-9/1/2014 7:00 AM)
Tuition only.
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