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Course #1488
Course NameBusiness English Course - Intensive
Course TypeBusiness courses
Lessons per week33 lpw ( Intensive )
Tuition TypeStandard group
Agefrom 22
CertificateCertificate on completion of the course
Entry Requirements
Required CertificateComment
Minimum level of English: Intermediate
Included in the price
  • Study materials

    Loan copies available for short term (1-3 weeks)


1 week+
20 morning lessons of General English + 1 module (5 lessons) + 8 lessons of Business English (2 afternoons)
1 lesson = 45 minutes
15 students per class maximum
Starting date every Monday
Levels: intermediate to proficiency

Timetable: 8.55 - 12.10 morning general English lessons + Module lessons 12.15 - 13.00 (1 lesson every day) + afternoon Business English lessons (13.55 - 17.10) twice a week.

General English Course aims:
•    Improve your English skills for work, studies or general use.
•    Improve your fluency.
•    Improve all areas of English: listening, speaking, reading, writing; you will also learn new grammar and vocabulary.

Business English Course aims to build your Business English language skills and develop the business skills necessary for your career.

We offer the Business English course at three levels to best suit your level of English. This course will allow you to:
•    Study different aspects of a company's business, for example products, finance, marketing and services.
•    Work on simulated business calls, meetings and negotiations.
•    Develop presentation skills by analysing figures, graphs, and describing trends.
•    Consider business in cross-cultural scenarios and by comparing different international working habits and issues.
•    Develop appropriate communication strategies, for example how to persuade someone something or how to defend an opinion.
•    Develop a broader understanding of topical international issues.
•   Familiarise yourself with Cambridge BEC (Business English Certificate) material and exam techniques to better prepare you for a potential exam in the future.

The Business English exam is available for those studying more than 8 weeks. If you wish to take the  exam, we will help you book it once you have started the course. The fee is not included in our prices and has to be paid at the school.

Add additional module to your study: Conversation, Writing, Pronounciation.

Conversation Module
Levels: Beginner to Advanced
This module helps you to improve your conversational English by practicing speaking, listening, pronunciation and vocabulary. You will become more fluent and confident when speaking English.

Levels: Elementary to Advanced
Improve your writing for daily life and also for pleasure. Learn how to write formal and informal letters, emails and texts, stories and poems etc. The course will provide you with a model text and give you practice in the writing process and the type of language used.

Levels: Elementary to Intermediate
Practice pronunciation so that you can speak more clearly and be easily understood. This module will also help your listening and make you a more effective and confident communicator. You will learn the individual sounds of English and the other features of pronunciation, such as intonation and sentence stress.



School & Location

Malvern House Dublin

Malvern House is located on Dame Street ...
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Host family. Executive single room, ensuite bathroom
Host family. Single room
Host family. Twin room
Residence. Onsite Residence. Single room, private bathroom
Residence. Onsite residence. Triple room.
Residence. Onsite Residence. Twin room, ensuite bathroom
Shared Flat. Single room. Minimum booking of 8 weeks.
Shared Flat. Twin Room
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