Course #1876
Course NameFrench and Oenology course (Wines of the Southwest of France )
Course TypeLanguage Plus
Lessons per week23 lpw ( Standard )
Tuition TypeStandard group
Agefrom 17
CertificateCertificate on completion of the course
Included in the price
  • Return transfer

    Transfer from the Toulouse-Blagnac Airport or Toulouse-Matabiau station free of charge if reserving accommodation with the school.

  • Study materials
  • Insurance

    Accident insurance during the course and activities

  • Activity and Excursion Program

    transport costs and entrance tickets not included

  • Language Exchange

    Linguistic exchange method:
    Puts students in contact with local French speakers for conversation exchanges. Initial meetings between conversation partners are organized by Langue Onze Toulouse, after which you will be free to meet informally with your partner outside of the school. This system of exchange allows you to get to know more about French culture and at the same time apply what you learned in the classroom in real-life situations.
    2 ways of doing a Tandem® exchange:
    Face to face Tandem®: A typical conversation exchange lasts from 2 hours, twice per week. For half of each meeting you will speak in your language, helping and correcting your partner, and for the other half, in French, being helped by your partner.
    E- Tandem®: Tandem® exchange via Internet - when the circumstances don't permit face-to-face contact.


1-4 weeks
Intensive French + 1 oenology workshop per month (3 hours)

23 group lessons per week
1 lesson = 45 minutes
Timetable: Monday - Friday from 9:15 to 13:00. In July and August class sessions may meet in the afternoons.
Maximum group: 12 students
Levels: from elementary A2 to advanced B2

The French and Oenology course is a good way to learn the French language and refine your knowledge of French wine.
Enjoy French regional wine flavors, discover the secret of the wine tasting and become an expert on the French wine.
In the morning French Intensive course (23 group lessons of 45 minutes per week), you will deepen your knowledge in all four skill areas of French language. With professional French oenology workshop, offered one Wednesday a month, you will discover and learn how to appreciate the French wines, including Southwest French wines, learn about your own taste through the “wine and food pairing” discovery and all of this while learning and practicing French! Enjoy an entertaining and convivial learning experience, giving priority to communication, action, interactivity, and pleasure…a very sweet way to learn French!

Introduction in wine tasting (3 hours) from 5.30PM to 8.30 PM
A special and very complete workshop that will lead you to discover and taste French wines, learn about the importance of wine in the French culture and learn how to combine wine and food! Thanks to a professional advice and through different wine tastings, you will learn a lot about wine but not only!
Indeed, all along the tasting you will also learn and practice French, discovering the world of the wine and its vocabulary, talking about the different steps of the wine tasting: look, smell and savour various wines, learning how to describe a color, a taste, a texture, how to express your taste and preferences…
Through real action, tasting wine and pairing it with different local dishes, you will really progress in French in a funny and interactive way and experience a real initiation into oenology. After this, you will probably be able to talk with a “sommelier” in a French restaurant, to choose your own wine and also pair it with the right food to appreciate it even more!
The various wines tasted but also various dishes to pair with wines and a complete document explaining about the vocabulary and about the different steps of the wine tasting.

The tasting is offered in French adapted to non-French speakers and is translated in English (and in other languages – Spanish for example) whenever it is necessary.

For 1 to 3 weeks intensive course, please make sure that you select your course dates according to the special oenology workshop schedule: the 2nd Wednesday of each month


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Langue Onze Toulouse

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Host family. Single room.
Shared Flat. Shared Apartment/House. Single room.
Studio. 1 person studio. 2 weeks stay minimum.
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