Course #1800
Course NameIELTS Preparation Course
Course TypeExam Preparation
Lessons per week15 lpw ( Standard )
Tuition TypeStandard group
Agefrom 16
CertificateCertificate on completion of the course
Entry Requirements
Required CertificateComment
Minimum English level is intermediate.
Included in the price
  • Study materials
  • Welcome Package

    KKCL Welcome Pack, Student Booklet, Local SIM Card


2 weeks+
15 hours per week
12 students per class maximum*
Levels: intermediate to advanced
Timetable: 9am–12.00pm

KKCL is offering combined General/Academic IELTS Exam Preparation courses in the morning from 9am-12pm (every weekday). As proof of your success in English, obtaining a good IELTS qualification will give you access to a range of new educational and employment opportunities around the globe.

Resources used are compiled from different sources, including several course books such as Step Up To IELTS and New Insight Into IELTS as well as a variety of online sources.

IELTS preparation has continuous enrolment and is designed to suit the needs and commitments of the currently enrolled students, so you can start and finish when you wish. However, we recommend you seek advice from our IELTS teachers on how long you should study before taking the exam.

What you will learn
A wide range of skills is taught and practised throughout the course, including:

Writing Skills
•    Describing and interpreting graphs, tables and diagrams
•    Summarising data
•    Letter writing, using appropriate register
•    Discursive/argumentative writing
•    Organising ideas to develop an argument
•    Providing relevant supporting examples for arguments
Reading Skills:
•    Reading for gist
•    Reading for main ideas
•    Reading for detail
•    Understanding inferences and implied meaning
•    Recognising a writer’s opinions, attitudes and purpose
•    Following the development of an argument
Speaking Skills:
•    Taking part in discussions
•    Sustaining conversations
•    Identifying topics of conversation
•    Paraphrasing
•    Fluency
•    Communicating opinions and information on everyday topics and common experiences and situations
•    Speaking at length on a given topic using appropriate language and organising ideas coherently
•    Expressing and justifying opinions
•    Analysing, discussing and speculating about issues
Listening Skills:
•    Understanding main ideas
•    Understanding specific factual information
•    Listening for detail
•    Understanding inferences and implied meaning
•    Recognising opinions, attitudes and purpose of a speaker; and following the development of an argument
•    Taking (lecture) notes
Grammar Skills:
•    Grammar related to the above writing and speaking skills
•    Identified areas of weakness

*In exceptional circumstances we may allow class sizes of over 12 students until we open an additional class.


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