Course #2031
Course NamePart-Time 18 hours/week
Course TypeGeneral courses
Lessons per week18 lpw ( Standard )
Tuition TypeStandard group
Agefrom 18
CertificateCertificate on completion of the course


1 week+
18 hours/week
Start any Monday
Timetable: 8.30 – 12.05 (includes 20 minutes break) from Monday to Friday
Levels: from elementary to advanced

English program designed to improve overall competency in English. The program is intended to prepare students for exam courses such as Cambridge and TOEFL, university pathways, career advancement, or for personal interest.

The length of the English Certificate program is flexible, it takes about 2 months to advanced to the next level and there are 7 levels. After registering for this program students will take a placement test which will determine their starting level. Most students study 12, 24, 36, or 48 weeks then go on to take an English exam or enter a College or University.

Course Content
In the morning students study general English. There are seven levels, from English 110 to English 145. The SMRT English Curriculum is used for English 110 to English 130 classes and the Cambridge Masterclass textbook is used for the Advanced and Upper Advanced classes (FCE, CAE). Students study reading, writing, communication, and structure as a part of this integrated course.


School & Location

Canadian College of English Language

College Campus Large private college in ...
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Accommodation & Meals

Host family. Single room with private bathroom.
Host family. Single room.
Residence. Shared room. Minimum stay 4 weeks.
Residence. Single room. Minimum stay 4 weeks.
Tuition only.
1. Select duration