Course #1348
Course NameIntensive course for Teenagers 30 lpw
Course TypeSummer Junior Language Programme + Multi activity
Lessons per week30 lpw ( Intensive )
Tuition TypeMini-group
Agefrom 15 to 18
CertificateCertificate on completion of the course
Included in the price
  • Activity and Excursion Program

    Full-day excursions
    Every Saturday, our counselors organize and accompany full-day excursions. These events and the entrance fees are included in the course fee. We offer our students a great variety of trips to interesting cities, e.g.: Dresden, Potsdam, Wannsee lakes.

    Half-day excursions
    In addition to the full-day excursions on Saturday, every Wednesday our students will be offered half-day excursions to sights within the region, or to interesting locations in Berlin itself.

    Leisure Time:
    Barbecue, Beachball, Board games, City tour, Handicrafts, Museums, Soccer, Swimming, Visit of the Reichstag

  • Study materials
  • Supervision

     24/7 supervision


3 or 6 weeks
Students max per class: 10
Number of lessons: 30 (45 min. each) per week
Levels: A1 (elementary 1) to C2 (advanced 2) For total beginners please find the course with suitable starting dates here.

The lessons are especially structured and designed for adolescent students: they are interactive and fun, yet at the same time demanding and very effective.

Language Levels
We offer up to 7 different language levels, from total beginners to very advanced, or, according to the European Framework of Reference, levels A1-C2.
Class Size
Our classes usually consist of 5-10 students. With such a small size we make sure that individual attention is given to every single course participant. As we focus very much on the communicative approach of the language we ensure to make every student talk and participate, while of course not neglecting the grammatical aspect of the language.
All course participants take a weekly exam which covers all the course content taught the preceding week, so that students and teachers alike can assess the progress made in the German language.
Our teenagers are also expected to do some homework every day, yet they will still have plenty of time for extracurricular activites.

Daily program for time after class
Each day, our counselors organize a varied program with sports, games and/or cultural activities for time after class. The variety of offerings are already included in the course fee and our staff will encourage all students to participate, while guaranteeing reliable round-the-clock supervision seven days a week.
Berlin's vast array of leisure facilities
The city of Berlin, of course, provides wonderful opportunities to explore, discover and spend a fun summer: the vast array of sights and museums, and the hustle and bustle of Germany’s biggest city can be counterbalanced with quiet times on the beaches along the Spree River or in the Berlin Zoo.
Relaxing in the Guest House
The Guest House, too, offers a quiet oasis to relax after a strenuous afternoon in town, either in the common room or in the comfortably lobby and especially in the spacious garden. A computer, TV room, foosball table and table tennis are also at our students’ disposition.
Excursions on weekends
Every Saturday, we will take our course participants on full-day excursions, e.g. to Potsdam, Dresden and the famous Lake Wannsee; during the week we will also organize interesting half-day trips to sights in the area.

School & Location

Humboldt-Institut: Berlin Center

Youth Hostel in the city center We will be gue...
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Accommodation & Meals

Hostel. 2, 3 or 4 students per room, ensuite bathroom
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