Course #2017
Course NameSummer English Multi-Activity Camp
Course TypeSummer Junior Language Programme + Multi activity
Lessons per week19 lpw ( Standard )
Tuition TypeStandard group
Agefrom 12 to 17
CertificateCertificate on completion of the course
Included in the price
  • Study materials
  • Extra course

    FREE extra English programme - 4 hours extra per week.

    Please indicate in your Application form that you would like to add this programme to your course.

  • Activity and Excursion Program

    1 excursión del medio día y 1 excursión del día completo los sábados por semana.

    Programa de actividades on campus está organizada diariamente: 4 actividades por las tardes y 2 actividades por las noches.


15 hours of English tuition per week (PLUS optional extra English classes - 4 classes per week)
Small class sizes – average 13, maximum 15 per class
Individual attention to students’ needs
Motivated and professional teachers
Modern and varied teaching techniques
Project work includes group and pair work
Excursion preparation
An end-of-course achievement certificate
Individual student progress report
A junior handbook, a lanyard and folder for each student


Age groups (residential accommodation): 11 to 12, 13 to 15 and 15 to 17.
Age groups (homestay accommodation): 12 to 15 and 15 to 17.


Full activity and excursion programme
2 excursions per week: 1 half-day and 1 full day


All students are able to choose our Extra English course completely free of charge. The course involves swapping four hours of afternoon activities with four hours of extra English classes to help students accelerate their language learning whilst at the centre.

Classes are small, allowing more one-to-one attention and cover the full range of English levels. Students are tested on arrival and teachers closely monitor his or her progress throughout their stay to ensure the correct level of ability is maintained. Our lessons motivate the student by using a wide range of language activities designed to improve their
ability to communicate fluently.

All Churchill House lessons are based on specially designed weekly programmes. Each week’s work includes a balance of language learning skills and practice at four different levels.
The main emphasis of the lessons is to encourage students to activate their spoken English through communicative tasks and exercises. Our teaching staff ensure that all lessons stretch the students’ abilities whilst remaining fun, interesting and practical.
In addition, lessons at our Residential Centres include the following:
•    Excursion preparation lessons, where the teacher will employ a variety of activities to learn about the places which students will visit as part of the weekly social programme.
•    Projects and cultural lessons: Students will produce work around cultural themes, individually, in pairs or in groups and will work towards the creation and completion of a real task; for example the production of newspaper and magazine articles, diaries, surveys, and plays.
•    Internet lessons, where students will research language and materials which they will use in creating their projects

Activity programme
At Churchill House we want students to learn a substantial amount of English as well as have a really enjoyable summer holiday…
So we provide a wonderful variety of activities, sports and excursions to make each student’s leisure time as interesting as possible. Our Activity Programmes provide great opportunities to have fun and socialise with students from around the world and are led by our experienced and dedicated teams of Activity Leaders.


Our House System
The oldest public schools in England have house systems where students are sorted into houses that become their family whilst at school. At Dean Close School we continue this tradition and each student at the school will be sorted into one of four houses. Students will then attempt to earn points for themselves and their friends through personal achievement, academic progress or sporting prowess. The house with the most points at the end of every two weeks will win the house cup and a special prize.

Excursions that will be scheduled for this coming summer include:
•    Oxford
•    London & National Gallery
•    Bristol Aquarium
•    Bath
•    Cheltenham
•    Gloucester Cathedral
•    Warwick Castle
•    Bristol

Activities scheduled for this summer include:
•    Football
•    Tennis
•    Squash
•    Cricket
•    Dance
•    Drama
•    Arts & Craft
•    Swimming
•    Volleyball
•    Nature walks
•    House competitions


School & Location

Churchill House: Dean Close School

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Accommodation & Meals

Host family. Twin room.
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